The mission is to merge art and fashion through artistic urban designs, designed with style and function for an active lifestyle. All SMUG LIFE COLLECTIONS are created from storylines and concepts that people can relate to and support. Just like a tattoo the relationship between the garment and the individual is personal. It is my opinion the right outfit can boost someone's confidence and self esteem, thus changing their lives. The style and fashion of our wardrobe not only says who we are but also helps our personalities shine during an interview or a date. From the boardroom to the trap our culture is defined by our drip. Furthermore the goal is to unite Urban Culture with high fashion.

We are a lifestyle brand representing art and culture. Our goal is to unite Urban Culture with high fashion. All our garments are designed for style and comfort.

Thug Smug

Updated: May 26, 2020

The Art Of Fashion

Fashion and Art have long since had a relationship but now they're getting married!

Thanks to the Smug Life Collective, art & fashion have a relationship that is stronger than ever. In this unprecedented collaboration, recording artist are designing urban high fashion. Members of the smug life collective are all (amongst other things) recording artist, that quote "share a mutual vision of success." " Our mission is to combine all of our talents to help unite and better urban community's." That being said one notable contribution from artist is that all the garments from the collection are designed and created out of storylines from Smug Life. The urban comic is based on lyrical content and lifestyles of rappers. This content is published through the pages of Urban Life magazine in the 14 page section titled Smug Life. The comic along with music bio's with featured artists such as Post Malone and Snoop Dogg are combined with full investigative reports on everything from scientific research on cannabis to an entrepreneurial series titled Ganjapreneur that follows the ever emerging cannabis business. In the Smug Life Comic the Smugsters use a new type of lingo quote "We smug all our shit, if I'm saying something worthy I'm going to put some Smug on it! You know we be Smuggin in the studio or up to some no good Smugly shit in the middle of the night." " You know I stay Smuggin for my Smugsters on some late-night Smuggerie."

I must say it's my opinion, this new brands creative approach to merge art and fashion is not only creative but has also already made an innovative valuable contribution to the fashion industry.

$upreme Ma$ter$ United Gang$ter$

by Charlie Brown

Senior Editor at ULM